Up North Session Orchestra

Session Musicians in the North

The premier session orchestra in the north of England, employing the finest session musicians up north. Contractors for film score sessions, advert music, bands, singer songwriters, producers & studios. Session Strings, Wind, Brass and Percussion, available across the North; for studios in Manchester, Sheffield, Liverpool & Leeds.


Soundtracks for Film, TV, Adverts & Radio Plays. Including work with the BBC, Radio 2 & 4, Granada TV, Channel 4, BFI & KFC.

DRAGON - Film Score Session Strings for composer Simon Finlay at Parr Street Studios

JANAM JANAM - Bollywood Film Score Session for arranger Pete Whitfield at 80 Hertz Studios

Original Music for DOLMIO. Double Bass, Accordion, Mandolin & Clarinet for 2nd half of this advert. Music composed by David Tobin.

Original Music for KFC. Strings for Media composer Trevor Jones

Session Strings, Radio 2 Documentary with Thea Gilmore

Solo Cello, Soundtrack to 'Electric Edwardians' by In The Nursery